Use Vending Machines To Dispense Personal Protective Equipment

  • Does your workplace use a lot of PPE? Do you want to provide your staff and/or customers with face masks, protective gloves or hand sanitizer? All of these can be dispensed safely and conveniently from a vending machine.
  •  Are you looking for a safe and effective way to provide Personal Protective Equipment to staff and visitors? PPE Vending might be a solution
  • All our PPE Vending machines are available for purchase or rent, with restocking and profit sharing as an option

Why use Vending Machines to dispense PPE?

  •  Face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment can be dispensed from the vending machine safely and efficiently 24/7
  •  PPE machines help companies improve their safety standards during the COVID-19 pandemic and after
  •  Staff and/or visitors can access PPE on demand, no need to contact another member of staff
  •  PPE vending machines can be installed in the most convenient locations throughout the premises providing easy access for staff and/or visitors allowing social distancing
  •  PPE can be dispensed using contactless payments systems with built in software allowing to keep track of consumption and avoid waste
  •  once the COVID-19 emergency is over, the PPE vending machine can easily be converted to dispense other products

Perfect for Any Location

Compact PPE Vending Machine

Simple compact design, perfect for any location. 

Height 805 mm
Width 550 mm
Depth 220 mm
Weight 35 kg
  • Fully customisable to dispense face masks, protective gloves and/or hand sanitizers
  • Compact design perfect for any location
  • Up to 2 payment systems, including cashless
  • Easy installation- wall mounted or table top
  • Available for purchase or rent
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Full size Free Standing PPE Vending Machine

Full size free standing Necta Jazz or Tango, perfect for medium to large locations. Customized to dispense PPE, but can easily be set up to dispense confectionary and drinks, once the COVID-19 emergency is over. 

Height 1830 mm
Width 735- 890 mm
Depth 793- 855 mm
Depth With Door Open 1495 mm
Weight 225- 270 Kg
Voltage 230 V
Max. Power Consumption 500 W
Frequency 50 Hz
Product Capacity Up to 390
No. of Selections Up to 48
No. of Trays Up to 7
Preserving Temperatures Food 0℃ – 4℃, Snack 8℃ – 15℃
  • Fully customisable spiral layout to offer snacks, cans and bottles
  • Large product window with optimal visibility
  • Large graphical display; backlit numeric keypad
  • High efficiency cooling unit
  • Excellent energy rating (A+)
  • Pull out delivery bin
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